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Welcome to Viva Verbal, your pathway to mastering Spoken English. Our expert instructors focus on real-life conversations, ensuring you gain confidence and fluency. Say goodbye to language barriers and hello to success with Viva Verbal’s tailored courses. Join us today

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At Viva Verbal, we offer a range of courses to cater to your English language learning needs Our diverse course offerings at Viva Verbal cater to learners of all levels and backgrounds in pursuit of English language mastery



Basic To Intermediate Course

Discover the art of learning with our Beginner English Course – quality education that builds a strong foundation

25 Lesson

50 Students



Interview Preparation Course

Ideal for learners with some prior knowledge of English 

  • Builds upon foundational skills.
  • Enhances conversational fluency and comprehension
16 Lesson

25 Students



Advance Grammar Course

Tailored for learners with strong intermediate skills  Provides advanced vocabulary and complex language structures

18 Lesson

25 Students

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At Viva Verbal, we prioritize spoken English’s personal and professional impact. Our dedicated instructors nurture your verbal skills, fostering confidence and articulateness through curated learning, empowering your expressive prowess

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What Did Our Students Say About Us?

Our students rave about our fabulous course, praising its excellence in transforming their language skills

I can't praise this course enough – it's truly excellent and has boosted my confidence What did our students say about us? Well, I say this course is nothing short of fabulous I joined this course, and it's been an excellent journey, improving my spoken English immensely

Sameer Maheshwari


"This course is absolutely fabulous! It's transformed my English skills beyond my expectations Our course is fabulous – just ask the students who've experienced its excellence firsthand I couldn't be happier with my decision to join this course; it's been absolutely fabulous.

Sumit Kumar
Sumit Kumar

Pursuing MBA

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